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About us

Christiani has been active in the field of technical vocational education for over 85 years and is known for high-quality products for work-based learning. Based in Germany, Christiani has expanded its international business over the last 10 years, meanwhile covering more than 60 countries. The number of teaching materials in foreign languages is steadily growing thus supporting hands-on learning abroad based on the German dual system and its action-based didactic methods.

With its know-how and growing range of products and services, Christiani has developed into a full-range supplier in the field of technical training. In addition to traditional text books and learning materials the portfolio includes interactive media, project works and training equipment for all levels of technical education.

Christiani is also a competent partner for complete solutions – whether it is a mechatronic laboratory, an electronics or metal training workshop or a complete facility for training in automotive jobs.

Products and services

Take advantage of our appearance at this year's Education+. We will be presenting our proven teaching aids for industrial automation, mechanics, electronics and renewable energies. The perfect combination of our didactical media and the training equipment ensures a sustainable and hands-on training approach in our technical training labs.Furthermore we would like to present our concepts for „life-long learning“ from school to vocational training to university and further education.

Especially designed for teaching young people we have developed a wide range of didactical materials for physics and science.
We will provide you with an individual solution for your needs.

mobile Lab AC Case

mobile Lab AC Case

With the mobileLab system you can teach the basic
principles of electrical engineering in practical
experiments. No special safety measures are required
due to the low voltage. A special classroom or
additional equipment or installations are not necessary.
The charging and storage cabinet is simply positioned
and connected to a normal mains socket. Individual
cases can also be charged using the AC adapter. The
documentation contains the description and analysis of
numerous experiment circuits.



The solar work case consists of a robust case with integrated solar module, a battery for storing energy and various consumers that can be operated using the self-generated solar power.
In addition to the assembly instructions, the solar work case also contains an educational introduction to the basics of photovoltaics.

Case Optics 2 - Optical bench

Case Optics 2 - Optical bench

For student experiments involving optics, we offer three cases designed for geometric optics, lens equation and wave optics.
This case, with its optical bench, makes it possible to perform many interesting experiments with a range of lenses. This makes it easy for students to see the connections between lens properties and images. The individual parts also help students to understand how optical equipment works, such as a microscope, telescope or camera.


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