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The Central Agency for Continuing Vocational Education and Training in the Skilled Crafts (ZWH) is a service provider for all vocational training facilities in Germany‘s entire skilled crafts sector. Its supporting members are the regional chambers of skilled crafts and the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts (ZDH).

„Future – Lifelong Learning – Skilled Crafts“ are the guiding themes and foundation of all activities of ZWH. The Organisation is committed to promoting dual vocational training and continuing vocational education in Germany and abroad.

The main focus of its international engagement is to offer counselling for members and clients in Germany and abroad interested in adapting the German system of dual vocational education. Based on many years of experience in implementing national and international projects and assignments and its vast network of cooperating institutions ZWH provides access to knowledge and expertise about dual vocational education and training.

Products and services

ZWH’s international product portfolio includes individual consulting services for public and private actors in education in partner countries interested in developing and adapting appropriate structures to implement dual vocational education and training. Consulting is carried out with the help of innovative analysis and planning tools that to date have not been available on international markets in education.
In addition, ZWH offers newly designed qualifications for in-company trainers, vocational school teachers and managers of vocational training facilities. These workshops and seminars enable participants to successfully fulfil their roles and responsibilities to meet the challenges of a constantly changing work and learning environment. The goals and instructional content of the qualifications are adjusted to the local needs and circumstances of each partner country and facilitate the development of participants‘ self-efficacy and improved cooperation among all stakeholders.

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Heike Hildesheim
Head of International Department
Phone: +49 30 20619-541
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